Care Navigation

Care Navigation™ is a collaborative approach to the coordination of YOUR care. Our approach aims to provide you with quality healthcare, in a timely manner while supporting all of your specific needs. Our end goal is an optimal outcome for your nursing and rehabilitation stay.


Program Goals:

  • Provide optimal continuity of care by assisting you with transitions to and from alternative care settings
  • Enhance your overall care experience through a well-coordinated and communicated process
  • Promote your independence, encouraging your participation in care planning and goal setting
  • Reduce the likelihood of your unnecessary re-hospitalization
  • Navigate and assist you through each step in your journey of care

Navigation Involves:

  • You / Your Family / Caregivers
  • Your Physician
  • Our Nursing Team
  • Our Rehabilitation Team
  • Our Activities Team
  • Our Social Service Leaders
  • Our Nutritional Professionals
  • Our Business Office Manager
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