Subacute Rehab

Subacute Rehab

At Oakland we are dedicated to proactively addressing your rehabilitation needs in a modern and tranquil setting. Reflective of our approach, we start planning your discharge immediately upon admission. Individualized care plans are crafted to ensure optimal healing – fully preparing you for your return home.

With therapy delivered daily, our expert team of therapists uses the latest rehab technology and techniques to optimize your mobility and independence, and help you regain your overall sense of wellbeing.

Our dedicated Subacute Unit with 32 spacious private rooms is a luxurious and tranquil oasis conducive to healing. Nearing completion is our newly expanded 5,000 sq. ft. rehab gym.

Take advantage of our BY RESERVATION ONLY™ program to meet our team and pre-book your suite before your upcoming orthopedic surgery, and you will enjoy an array of VIP benefits!

Our intensive Rehabilitation Program features:

Our medical advisory team includes a geriatrician, physiatrist, orthopedic physician, cardiologist, pulmonologist, urologist, psychiatrist and certified wound care specialist.

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