Case Studies

Pulmonary Rehab Case Study

76-year-old female admitted from Bayonne Medical Hospital with Diagnosis of Pneumonia, COPD, Acute Respiratory Failure, Hypertension and Obesity.

Nursing Interventions

Treat Infection: On Antibiotic for Pneumonia
Monitor Labs: Frequent BBG monitoring, sliding scale insulin
Medication Management for Pain: Fractured Vertebra L2
Maintain Safety

Respiratory Interventions

Our Full Time Respiratory Therapist Assisted in following Goals: Wean Oxygen as tolerated– Admitted on 4 lpm Oxygen Therapy-; weaned to 2lpm.

Bronchodilitation and Secretion Clearance: nebulizer therapy QID.

Qualify for Trilogy: Due to the inability to tolerate Bipap ST and her being high risk for RTH, Our RT considered patient for Trilogy. With the help of Dr. Sehgal, Patient was Qualified for Trilogy Nocturnal Support for home use.

Patient was reviewed weekly in the center by Dr. Sehgal, Pulmonologist, and Interdisciplinary Care Team during our Pulmonary IDT Meeting.


Upon admission, Patient required moderate assistance with all self-care tasks and was able to ambulate 25 feet with minimal assistance. She was receiving occupational and physical therapy for 5-6 times a week. Upon discharge, she was independent with ambulation and able to ambulate 125 feet with a rolling walker and supervision.

Patient returned home with 24-hour caregiver after a 45-day length of stay on Oxygen at 2LPM and Trilogy at hour of sleep for Chronic Respiratory Failure. Patient and Daughter were educated on Benefits of Consistent Trilogy use to reduce Risk for Return to Hospital. She will follow up with her pulmonologist in the community.

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